Maintenance & Restoration Services

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I’m offering wide range of consulting, maintenance, repair & restoration services for all audio related equipment. Although my main interest is in vintage audio, I will consider taking everything from newest integrated media players to pro audio rack amps. Drop me a line and find out! Main idea being that it has to be economically feasible for owner to repair or restore it in first place, because of financial or sentimental reasons.


Where are you located?
I’m currently residing in the EU.

What is your qualification?
I have a degree in electronics & automation and 15 years field experience in custom electronic product engineering, industrial automation and repairs, automotive electronics engineering and diagnostics. Nowadays I work more on the management side. So I guess I’m bit overqualified for a tech job, but I do audio as a hobby from as long as I can remember myself, so these services are a part of it.

What payment methods accepted?
I prefer usual bank transfer. Ad ~5% to estimate price if you want to use Paypal.

What are the shipping options?
I prefer DPD for eurozone and UPS for overseas. Other options could be considered depending on item value/dimensions.

What if you can’t fix it?
I’m working with no-fix-no-fee model, that means if item can’t be fixed because of unobtainable spare parts or repair is not economically feasible, I will not charge owner for anything.

What about warranty?
Money can’t buy you a good reputation, you earn it, so all items that I work on will be fixed/restored to best of my abilities. Because of the nature of vintage equipment, I’m giving 3 months limited warranty on work that I do. This means, that if fault develops on a component that I changed/repaired, I will cover shipping and fixing costs. Generally every case is different and will always be dealt with individually and in best interest of the owner. Items will be packed to the best of my ability but
no warranty against transportation damages is given.

Because of a broad range of equipment I work on, it’s difficult to give a detailed restoration checklist for all possible occasions. Tube amp will differ from solid state, as a guitar amp will differ from a vintage radio receiver. I usually offer 3 Levels of restoration, with Level 3 bringing item in factory-or-better condition. Here is a typical checklist for a solid state amp.

Work Description Level #1 Level #2 Level #3
Thorough Inspection Report and Estimate YesYesYes
Basic Exterior Cleaning Without DisassemblyYesYesYes
Minimal Interior Vacuum CleaningYesYesYes
Change of All Electrolytic CapacitorsYesYesYes
Lubrication of All PotentiometersYesYesYes
Change of Light Bulbs or LED installationYesYesYes
Recalibration of Bias CurrentYesYesYes
Recalibration of Meters and etc.YesYesYes
Application of New Heat Sink CompoundNoYesYes
Full Technical Specifications Test ReportNoYesYes
Board Cleaning from Residual Soldering FluxNoNoYes
Board Components Cleaning&DryingNoNoYes
Full Chassis Disassembly and Hand WashingNoNoYes
Full Front-plate Disassembly and Individual Components Hand WashingNoNoYes
Pricing depends upon sophistication and serviceability of an item and is estimated individually. All other extra services, like mods and various improvements are possible upon agreement.

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