NAD 3080 exterior front

NAD 3080 Amplifier Restoration

In this article, I will walk you through another restoration of an classical stereo amplifier. Some small fixes took place as well as upgrade to a new volume resistor attenuator and full blown overhaul,...

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Kenwood KA-8300 Review&Measurements

This is a second article about this beautiful Japanese piece of engineering. It has a short model history and brief technical overview of used circuitry and components. Also you’ll find a comparison...

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KENWOOD KA-8300 Repair&Restoration

Project includes fault finding and a repair process for a couple of in between unrelated malfunctions, which should be common in those units. Full write-up of restoration process, including recap and...

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Measurment part of DUAL 1218 is up!

Having this turntable for some time now, I didn’t made any in depth measurements because… well, it sounded good and that’s it.  Now that it’s for sale, I decided to make a sample...

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New article in Vinyl section

A little taste of idler sound – DUAL 1218  After having couple direct drive turntables over years I felt real cravings for something new. Something exciting! So I couldn’t think of anything better then...

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Hello World!

Site is up and looking more or less what I want.  It’s still clean and spacious here, that makes me almost pity to spoil it, but I will ! During next couple months I will upload content ad-hock...

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