Measurment part of DUAL 1218 is up!

Having this turntable for some time now, I didn’t made any in depth measurements because… well, it sounded good and that’s it.  Now that it’s for sale, I decided to make a sample case out of it. Here you’ll find four parts with different aspects of turntable quality parameters and their comprehensive analysis. There are few how-to’s and plenty audible demonstrations present. Quite a lot of time and effort went to this, so I hope it will serve good for those who like to diy their turntable upgrades and want to evaluate their efforts in a quantifiable way. Also this will serve as reference for future projects and turntable measurements on this site.

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New article in Vinyl section

A little taste of idler sound – DUAL 1218 

After having couple direct drive turntables over years I felt real cravings for something new. Something exciting! So I couldn’t think of anything better then delving into somewhat controversial type of idler-wheel tables. Now I should explain my self what sort of controversy I’m talking about here, because there always is one in audio….

Part 1 of 2.

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Hello World!

Site is up and looking more or less what I want.  It’s still clean and spacious here, that makes me almost pity to spoil it, but I will ! During next couple months I will upload content ad-hock to different sections. Feel free to subscribe if you feel like it :) There is a lot of original quality content coming up…