Measurement Microphones & Calibration

Last couple of weeks I was busy with upgrading my acoustical measurement kit. Lot’s of new and interesting (I hope) content. First, there is a main article “Measurement Microphones & Calibration” were I talk about my particulate tools and how I calibrated them. Then I made a separate tear-down of Dayton EMM-6 measurement mic and reverse engineered it’s schematics. DIY section got updated with useful tools for acoustical measurements. These include microphone holder, calibration chamber and 1kHz calibration. All schematics and 3D design files are included if anyone wishes to reproduce them. Happy reading!

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New Speaker: Pioneer HPM-100

Finally. After almost 5 years I managed to find enough time and write this article. It was quite a journey for me personally and I enjoyed every minute of it. Having HPM-100 on my test bench was a very old craving of mine and it finally happened. I included a lot of technical analysis and developed a new cross-over. Hope this benefits those of you looking to buy this legend or just upgrade it. Cheers!

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New corner of a site!

Although there is still bunch of content to publish in other category’s I decided to make a new one! (I know , I know…) So here it is – DIY.  Why? Because for a lot of what I know and can do today in audio, I’m obliged to numerous DIY communities all over the internet. Sites like diyaudio,  troelsgravesen,  passdiy linkwitz etc. are the reason, why I got interested in audio hobby in the first place, so this is my way of giving something back.  Here you will find all kind of projects  and articles (not necessary audio related) that didn’t made to the audio gear sections. Also added first article about Simple Li-Ion battery charger that I made recently.

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Summer is over it seems…

And winter is here! Time to crank up those sweet vacuum tubes for heating and get back to audio projects. There was a couple new additions to lab equipment over the summer that deserve at least their own post.  Also there are few diy projects for publishing in the pipeline, and of course my regular programing of restoration write-ups will resume shortly after, so stay tuned :)

NAD 3080 Amplifier Review&Measurements

Nad 3080 interior front

This is a second article of the series, and here I will make a small overview of the design and engineering decisions, made by senior NAD engeneer Bjorn Erik Edvardsen, when designing this particular stereo amplifier and their impact on sound quality. There is also some usual measurements included at the end, for factory compliance specs check.

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