Another new corner of the site!

This is crazy times we living. Some small set of RNA instructions tightly packed in a right container stopped whole world… But as saying goes: “Every bad situation will have something positive….” So I finally had enough time to measure and  sort my tube stash. This was a massive undertaking. I traced curves for about 100 different tubes and then measured their distortion in a standardized setup. That’s about 10.000 data points for curves and some 1000 spectrum measurements taken! And the fun part? It all was done manually. I don’t want to see a single tube for at least couple weeks now… Systemizing and putting all this information on-line in a visually pleasing and accessible way took almost as long as the measurements themselves. In the process I also realized that I will not be able to use all of those tubes in my life time, so I decided to sell some. So if you feel like supporting this site and wanting to help me to keep it online – you can! Go to my new e-shop and buy some tubes for your next project 🙂

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