4P1L DHT Madness: Let’s Regulate and Amplify!

Let me finish this year with some DHT madness. Why people are still in love with an electronic component that’s so primitive and really long extinct? Is this only because “we can” and it’s “cool” to use something scarce and obsolete?  No. Not if you know your tube history. These tubes come from the era when all the smart tricks with negative-feedback and analog wizardry where not invented yet. So only way your radio transmitter/receiver worked is if it had a device that is really inherently linear. Also price and work-hours involved into producing such a component was not an issue. But do we really need to use it the way it was done hundred years ago? Or can we do much better by surrounding this marvelous piece of engineering with modern care and knowledge? I tried answering these questions in the article below:

To witness results first-hand so to speak I’ve build an actual amplifier with 4P1L Directly Heated Triode-Strapped Pentodes. There I tried to stay truthful to my motto of “improve-but-listen” and you can read the whole story here:

I hope to finish updating this website with all my current gear over the next year or so. See you then!

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