Untamed Vintage: Pioneer HPM-100 (readers response)

I decided to publish some of the readers responses for this project. The idea behind this is to encourage other readers to try a new crossover design and give a second life to their beloved HPM’s. If you have a build story to share or any comments/sugestions – drop me a line to support@mvaudiolabs.com and I will publish it here.

I completed the crossover build and got them installed in my HPM-100s.  What can I say, I am very impressed!  You did a fantastic job voicing this speaker, it exactly as you described and well worth the effort. My only observation is, to my ears it seems the midrange (around 1khz) is ever so slightly pushed.  If I had a 32 band graphic EQ in the chain, I might be tempted notch it back by about 2db.  Very subtle. Don’t get me wrong, you designed an outstanding crossover the brings the absolute best from the HPM drivers and box characteristics. I am blown away… 

My comment:
Thanks Ryan! I’m really pleased you found it useful. Try changing C2011 from 4.7uF to 3.3uF, this will give you -1dB@1kHz. Might be enough. Also play with R2011, it affects the upper midrange. Final voicing will always depend on your whole audio chain/room and personal preferences so feel free to adjust as needed.
Good morning, just a quick update.  I replaced C2011 with the 3.3uF cap and that did the trick. Perfectly. No other changes will be necessary. 

Hello, I have had them done for a while and really like them! Great job on this. I added film bypass caps (0.01uf and 0.1uf) to each capacitor to “finesse” the Solen and Jantzen caps. Other than that, it is a copy of your schematic.

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