Measurements of a DUAL 1218 Turntable

Before this turntable found it’s new home, I decided to do some measurements. Not to make a show case of world class specs, but more because there is something to measure here. Particularly the department of rumble looks promising and I had my suspicions about a head-shell. This should serve as guide of how to make an unsophisticated, but very reveling turntable noise analysis, and why plain numbers doesn’t tell us much.

Measurements are just that – measurements. They are meaningless without context. I see people to often emphasizing on numbers and graphs and I strongly advice against this over-interpretation. They don’t tell us anything about how good or bad particular peace of gear will sound, unless it’s seriously flawed. Audio reproduction chain should always be analyzed as complex system, composed of many components which may and will interact with each other. Only when there is established certain correlation, between measured data and perceived sonic properties, numbers start to make sense, and can become a powerful tool for intelligent development.

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